There’s plenty of advice for businesses to know what they are good at and who their customers are. Finding your niche and specialising in it. To gain a reputation within that sector.

For me it’s about helping clients get more leads, sales and customers by making best use of the internet. It’s about providing a high quality, personalised service. Taking the time to understand their businesses, and in building long-term relationships with the people in them. Adding value, and working together to help them achieve their goals.

There’s something about working for myself that makes me want to provide the best service possible. I’m not interested in doing average work, and I’m sure I’d soon lose motivation in my job if I did. I like it when clients contact me and ask my advice. I like solving their problems.

I talk to some clients weekly, others monthly, and others as and when. Whatever is the best arrangement. Some clients prefer to meet rather than discuss over the phone or email. A number have said that one of the reasons they chose me was because I’m local and can drop in for a chat.

Meeting at a client’s place of business is beneficial because although it can give rise to disruptions it gives me a chance to see what is actually going on within the business at that moment, and to catch-up with staff. I gain a deeper understanding of how the business operates.

Often during these meetings unforeseen business and marketing opportunities come to light that the client can pursue by leveraging their website and the internet. Without these meetings the opportunities would be missed.