WooCommerce 3.0 has arrived. Originally planned as version 2.7, WooCommerce releases are now adopting semantic versioning, whereby major releases (those with API changes or the potential to affect extension compatibility) will receive a new major version number (eg. 4.0, 5.0), whilst minor releases and patches will receive point versions (eg. 3.1, 3.2).

So, 2.7 has become a major release 3.0, which contains many new features and improvements.

Updating to WooCommerce 3.0

Make sure you run a safe update process. This 3.0 version contains a lot of new code ‘under the hood’, which may cause problems to your site – either affecting your theme, other WooCommerce extensions, or compatibility with other plugins.

Always, always, always backup your site before you run any significant updates. I strongly advise you apply any WooCommerce updates on a test/staging copy of your site first.

If you don’t feel comfortable applying this update, or you’ve run the update and now have a problem please ask me, I’m happy to help.

What’s new in WooCommerce 3.0

WooCommerce 3.0 includes:

  • An updated product gallery with new zoom, gallery view and mobile features
  • Multiple speed and performance improvements
  • The addition of CRUD classes
  • A new CLI powered by the REST API

A new improved product image gallery

WooCommerce 3.0 introduces a new image gallery for single product pages.

Some of the features of this new gallery are:

  • magnify images and zoom into them from a lightbox
  • more intuitive gallery behaviour, for example clicking a thumbnail updates the image you are already viewing instead of opening it in a lightbox
  • touch gesture improvements on mobile: swipe to scroll through the gallery, pinch to zoom, and swipe up to close the current image
  • zooming into a product image on mobile now displays the image’s true size (as opposed to a scaled down version previously)

See the new gallery features in action in this short video:

Performance improvements

There are significant performance enhancements built into 3.0, which will be most apparent on larger e-commerce stores that have hundreds or thousands of products, or many different variations.

Two specific improvements:

  • Taxonomies are now used to determine and display product visibility, featured products, and out of stock products instead of the slower post meta
  • A reduction in the number of queries required for upsells and related products on product and basket pages

CRUD classes

CRUD classes have been introduced to optimize data storage and to ensure that developers use a single method of writing and retrieving data.

Standing for Create, Read, Update, and Delete, CRUD classes enable easy, standardised modification of products, orders, customers, payment tokens, shipping zones, and coupons with less code than before.

The new classes will benefit large stores that have a high order volume, and pave the way for further performance improvements in the future.

Read more about WooCommerce CRUD classes.

A new WooCommerce CLI

WooCommerce already had a CLI but it was custom and didn’t share any code with the rest of the codebase. In 3.0 there is a new CLI which integrates directly with the REST API and supports all of the same functionality.

Read more about the new WooCommerce CLI.

Update your store

When you’re ready to update to WooCommerce 3.0 make sure you’ve taken a backup of your store first, then apply the update from within your WordPress Dashboard.

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