Unsplash is a great source of free, high-resolution photos. There are some very talented people on there submitting quality work.

I came across this photo by Steven Wei which I thought I’d share because it’s messing with my head, and I can’t remember the last time a photo had that effect.

I love the saturated, richness of the colours (whichever way that’s been achieved – exposure, filter, Photoshop); the way the two lines of red apartments lead your eye into the center; and the detail in the buildings that’s impossible to absorb at once. The illuminated night sky draws your attention despite the noise surrounding it.

The perspective is the thing that’s disorientating me. My eyes travel around the photo – across the bottom, up the left, and along the top – and that’s when I get a little queasy because everything is now upside down.

Is it just me?