Oil heating specialists Warm and Toastie contacted me because their existing e-commerce website wasn’t making any sales and was poorly ranked in Google. They had tried to make improvements but found updating the website a painful and frustrating experience.

I investigated the problems and we met to review what I’d found. Quite simply, the site wasn’t fit for purpose. It was incapable of rewarding the time and money that had been invested in it. A fresh start was needed, with a new website and Content Management System (CMS) suited to their requirements.

Loading products into the shop

I exported the 600 or so existing products out of the legacy e-commerce database, sanitized and reorganised the data, corrected errors and inconsistencies.

I then imported the products into a development WordPress database, one category at a time, and showed Warm and Toastie how to access it so they could review, edit, and sign-off products as they were loaded.

In this way Warm and Toastie were able to familiarise themselves with their new website admin account at an early stage in the project, which ensured they were comfortable managing the shop well before their new website was launched.

Graphic design for the Warm and Toastie website 1 Graphic design for the Warm and Toastie website 2


The majority of product photos from the legacy website were too small to be reused on the new website, and Warm and Toastie did not have their own copies. I sourced larger replacement photos for all products, resizing and optimising them as necessary for website use. I also created promotional banner graphics.

E-Commerce category page design on the Warm and Toastie website

Bespoke product pages

Warm and Toastie wanted to ensure that customers buying oil tanks had read important delivery information before ordering. On oil tank product pages customers must confirm they have read delivery information before they are able to add the tank to their basket. Links to related products were populated throughout the store.

E-Commerce product page design on the Warm and Toastie website

The basket page recommends upsell products, such as gauges and accessories that compliment an oil tank. There is also an option to subscribe to a mailing list during checkout.


The new website generated sales within the first week of launch. The SEO built into the new website is attracting more visitors than ever visited the old site, and it is appearing on page one in Google organic search results. Warm and Toastie are delighted, and feel much happier now they have a website that is working for their business rather than against it.

"We cannot recommend Jason highly enough. He has built us a fantastic e-commerce website which is performing very well with his optimisation strategies. We are simply thrilled!"

Matthew & Susan Beldham , Warm and Toastie

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