A. Davies Removals are a domestic and commercial removals company in Worthing. I built their previous website back in 2010, optimising it to produce strong first page rankings in Google. By 2015 it was time to refresh the design and functionality.

The redesign included:

  1. Moving to a responsive layout for better display on mobiles and tablets
  2. Improving the user experience when customers are completing the Property Contents Form
  3. Building on the strong SEO to continue the good rankings in Google

Website redesign

Many removals websites seem to consider design as an afterthought. I wanted the refresh design to appeal instantly. No flashy effects for effects sake – just a smart, considered, informative website. Well organised, using a complimentary colour scheme, with a stand out Quick Enquiry Form and telephone numbers.


A lack of original photos can be a problem for removals companies. I sourced quality stock photography for the redesign. Many removals sites seem to use similar poor quality stock photography, which isn’t a crime but is hardly going to help a business stand out against its competitors. I’ve seen UK removals websites use what are clearly US house removals photos. That’s just lazy.

The A Davies Removals website Home page

Property Contents Form

To receive a quotation customers submit a property contents form on the website. With over 100 input fields it is essential this form is straightforward to complete. I reviewed many removals websites, including the biggest national operators, to see how they captured this data. So many had poorly structured forms that made completion an onerous task.

Customers can complete the form fields on a mobile or tablet as they walk around their property. The form is organised into sections (reception rooms, kitchen, bedrooms, garage etc), with each section on a different screen. Prev/Next navigation takes customers between screens.

A customer completing the Property Contents Form on the A Davies Removals website

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